The 11 best PS Vita launch games

Going to buy a PS Vita? Then you'll also need these games.

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If you're determined to buy a PS Vita and want a game that will show off every single one of its out-of-the-ordinary control system capabilities, then you'll be needing a copy of Little Deviants.

It's a collection of mini-games starring the eponymous Deviants (sadly, there's not a gimp mask in sight -- they're cuddly, furry blobs) that might get you pushing up the environment using the rear touch-pad, to roll them around a circuit, using the gyro and motion-sensor to aim at flying targets and so on. You may find the novelty runs out after a while, or you might find a couple of mini-games that appeal. But Little Deviants does provide the ideal means of demoing the PS Vita to the uninitiated.

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Ray Man Origins


The great maverick Michel Ancel's latest opus probably didn't get the respect (or sales) it deserved when it came out for the fixed consoles last Christmas. But you'll be hard-pressed to find a better platform game outside of anything made by Miyamoto in recent years - and where best to discover it than in this pixel-perfect port to the PS Vita?

Ray Man Origins may look like a game from bygone times, but it combines deeply surreal cartoon sensibilities with gameplay which is as addictive as it is hard. This game will make you curse, but you won't be able to stop playing it. And it will make you laugh, too.

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Reality Fighters


Ever wanted to put yourself into a beat-em-up? Thanks to Reality Fighters, you can now - this button-basher has been designed to show off the PS Vita's prowess when it comes to Augmented Reality (AR) games.

So, scan your face in, delve into the game's truly preposterous wardrobe and you're ready to take on all-comers - in an arena that consists of your immediate surroundings, should you so desire. Add mad special moves and a welter of fighting styles into the mix and what you get may not be vastly sophisticated - but it's pretty amusing.

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