Far Cry 3: Shocking trailer confirms September 6 release

Looks a bit mental, in more ways than one

Ubisoft's Far Cry 3 will be available on September 6, a leaked trailer has revealed.

UPDATE: The trailer has been pulled, we've swapped it for the teaser, look out for the official release tomorrow.


Although trailer states September 6 as the release date this is a Thursday, so it's likely to be the European release date, UK gamers will probably get the game a day later on Friday 7 September.

The trailer, which was scheduled to be officially released tomorrow but has been leaked by All Games Beta, depicts a group of friends on holiday on a strange, uncharted tropical island when things go very wrong.

At E3 last year Ubisoft said Far Cry 3 is 'like a guy coming through the window at 3AM with a knife' and distanced itself from cookie-cutter military first-person shooters. From the looks of this trailer we're inclined to agree with him.

Check it out below.

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Ubisoft Montreal has said it can "definitely" replicate the stunning Far Cry 3 experience shown running on PC at E3 on Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3.