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We tear apart Ubisoft's new CG mini-movie

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The trailer now enters 'excitement mode', with some dubstep music blaring over footage of Jason single-handedly taking out heavily-armed bad guys. He leaps from the roof of a shack, plunging his knife into some dude's neck, before yanking it out of the wound, throwing it at another dude and killing him. He's a far cry from the goofball from the beginning of the trailer.

Looking closely at the video, it seems as if there are multiple factions on the game's as-yet unnamed island. Will we be able to pick and choose who we fight for as we could in Far Cry 2? It is by the same dev team after all.


Between snippets of action, we see Jason running through the jungle in the dead of night being pursued by Vaas and his men. He gets shot, but manages to make it back to the dock where he moored his ship when he arrived on the island. Except, the ship is miles out to sea, sailing into the distance. "Fuck!" screams Jason, looking back at the jungle, defeated.

We then get a flash of the logo, the release date (September 6), and then a final shot of Jason looking mournfully into his video camera. He's covered in mud, bandages and cuts, and looks like he's been through hell, suggesting that this is a considerable amount of time into his adventure.


It's an impressive trailer, no doubt. The CG is superb - especially the characters' hair and the simulated handheld camera effects. Our only concern at this stage is whether or not we actually like the characters, and if we actually care that they're trapped on a dangerous island.

The star of the show, like the E3 reveal trailer, is Vaas. He seems like a genuinely compelling villain; sadistic, unhinged, foul-mouthed. Is it bad that we were rooting for him the whole time? Perhaps Jason is unlikeable on purpose. Many films use this trick - having you hating a character, then flipping your expectations and making you actually like them.

We'll have to see how representative of the actual game this is. Remember Dead Island? After that, it's hard to trust CG trailers, regardless of how technically impressive they are.

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