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Walking Dead game gets new screens, behind the scenes video

See how Telltale is making the game

Telltale Games has finally unveiled the first episode of its game based on Robert Kirkman's award-winning zombie series The Walking Dead.


From the looks of it, the screens released are taken from cutscenes in the game, but nevertheless it looks like the studio's managed to adapt its typically colourful style nicely for a zombie-ruined world.

Along with the three screenshots, Telltale has put out 'Playing Dead', a video series that goes behind the scenes at the studio to show us how the game is put together. It's hosted by AJ LoCascio, who recently voiced Marty McFly in the dev's Back to the Future game series.

Telltale is expected to release a total of nine chapters in the Walking Dead game adaptation.

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The adventure game studio secured the rights to the series last year along with the rights to make a game based on the Fables comic book series.