SFxT Cross Assault show contestants revealed - video

Capcom reveals the players picked to compete for $25k

Capcom has released a video to reveal the contestants who will take part in its Street Fighter X Tekken reality show tournament.


The week-long fighting game tournament will be streamed live over the internet, with will pit 10 players - five Tekken fighters and five Street Fighter characters - against each other in a knock-out tournament with $25,000 waiting for the winner.

"This concept takes everything you love about live, streamed tournaments, and then takes it to the next level by adding on new and entertaining situations and challenges, as well as a huge cash prize," said Capcom at the time of the show's announcement.

The show kicks off on February 22 and ends March 3. Keep up with proceedings on the Capcom Unity blog.

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[ SOURCE: Capcom Unity ]