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Mutant Blobs Attack PS Vita at launch

Quirky download title gets sub-$8 price

DrinkBox Studios, developer of Tales from Space: About a Blob on PS3, has confirmed its new game, Mutant Blobs Attack, will be out in time for Vita's launch.

The 2D physics-based platformer sees players controlling a blob as they make their way through a range of clever physics obstacle courses.

DrinkBox seems pretty pleased to announce that the game, out in US on February 21, will cost $7.99.

And to celebrate further it's slashed the price of Tales from Space: About a Blob down to $7.99 too, and made available a DLC bundle that packs the game with its two downloadable expansions (the costume pack and the co-operative map pack) for $9.99.


Here's a gameplay trailer: