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Ace Attorney movie set to debut in June

AM2 hosts exclusive screens at Anime convention

The AM2 anime, manga and music event in June will play host to the debut screening of the new Ace Attorney movie.


Directed by Takashi Miike of Ichi the Killer fame, the 130 minute movie will be screened twice; one for Passport holders the second for Passport holders preferred (with general attendees as seating

This will come as good news to those who were excited when Miike recently confirmed that Ace Attorney movie will be released outside of Japan, where it arrived on February 11. Check out a trailer for the movie through that link.

The AM2 convention takes place on June 15-17 at the Anaheim Convention Center, California.

For more info on the movie and the AM2 convention check out the official site.

[ SOURCE: Official Site ]