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Xbox 720 reportedly codenamed 'Durango'

And you thought Wii sounded dumb...

Multiple sources close to the project claim Microsoft's next Xbox console is codenamed Durango, Kotaku is reporting.

This is NOT a picture of Microsoft's new console

Obviously it's a pretty ridiculous name, and not nearly as cool as Katana, which was the Dreamcast's codename, or Revolution, which is was Nintendo was originally calling Wii.

According a quick Wikipedia search 'Durango' is a settlement in Spain; has been attached to Dodge and Ford cars; the pseudonym of the Probe 16 car featured in A Clockwork Orange; a type of a frisbee game; a Mexican football club; a vessel operated by the Mexican Navy; and an 1999 episode in the Hallmark Hall of Fame. Do with that information what you will...

Earlier this month, Xbox World magazine claimed Microsoft will offer a Wii U-like touchscreen controller with its next console.

Other rumours have suggested the hardware will support Sony's Blu-ray format and may include measures to prevent second-hand games being played.

[ SOURCE: Kotaku ]