Mass Effect 3 copies launched into space will crash down for your discovery

EA launches most epic treasure hunt in PR history

As far as PR stunts go, this is a winner. EA will launch copies of Mass Effect 3 into space, which fans will be able to track down and keep when they decent back to Earth.


The copies will be sent into the upper reaches of the atmosphere using weather balloons. Launching over New York, San Francisco, Las Vegas, Berlin, London and Paris next week, the balloons with carry the games into space before popping, leaving gravity to take over and pull the discs back down to Earth.

Eager fans will be able to track the games via the official site and, eventually, go on a wild chase for them when they touch down, in the best game of finders-keepers we've ever heard.

Of course, that means those who find the games will get to play it weeks before the March 6 (US)/March 9 (UK) launch.

A Mass Effect 3 demo is available for download on Xbox Live Marketplace.

[ SOURCE: USA Today ]