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5 most overlooked game sequels

A few follow up games that deserve a little more love...

Bad games getting a lot of attention really makes our blood boil, but what's even worse is when a good game fades away into the background without getting the attention it deserves. It makes us sad to see years worth of hard work ignored.

With that in mind we thought we'd give a few shout outs to games that we feel need or deserve a little more love. Not any old games though - sequels. In particular sequels which we feel were unjustly passed by the gaming masses.

As always there's plenty more that are going to unmentioned so sound off in the comments and give us your pics.

Here are our five most overlooked sequels...

BioShock 2


While BioShock 2 may not necessarily be overrated as such, we'd say that it is overlooked and sometimes even discredited by fans of the original.

After the brilliance of the first BioShock expectations were through the roof for the sequel. Opinion is mixed on whether it actually delivered on those expectations. Some argue that the sequel features better gameplay, superior level design, and an even better story than the first game.

Other say that the sequel lacks the atmosphere of the original and the story is better smarter, better written and packs the 'wow factor' its successor doesn't. Another criticism is that the sequel attempts to explain many things that were left ambiguous in the first game, removing any sense of mystery from original. It's also criticised for just being more of the same, rather than a full-fledged sequel.

While they're all valid criticism, we think the game is still an excellent sequel to BioShock, and even better when you play some of the downloadable content released for it.

The DLC that stands out most in our minds is Minerva's Den, which introduced new weapons, plasmids, and arguably a short, well paced campaign that has that 'would you kindly' type of ending to it. It was pretty damn good, if you can score a copy of BioShock 2 for cheap it worth checking out.

Bioshock 2 wasn't as bad as naysayers willhave you believe, many have allowed their love for the original slightly tainted their view of the sequel, which is a shame. It's purely subjective which one you feel is superior, but Bioshock 2 is by no means a bad game.

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