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Vita offers 'much easier' development than previous platforms

Lower barrier to entry will promote developer experimentation and risk

Many developers commented on the difficulty of development on PS3 in its early life, but the same won't be said of Vita, according to Sony.

SCE president and CEO Andrew House has said the Vita offers a "much easier development environment" than its previously platforms which, along with digital distribution opportunities, promotes experimentation and risk among its developers.

"We have created a much easier development environment than we have for previous platforms," said House.

"That facilitates experimentation and combined with the opportunities digital distribution provides, such as removing the risk of having to commit to an inventory stock, we are able to lower the barrier of entry for developers and hopefully encourage them to experiment and take risks," he added.


PlayStation Suite, he went on, adds to this: "An extension to that is PlayStation Suite which, for me, is an initiative that runs in parallel to PS Vita. What we have there is a very low cost development environment and an opportunity to immediately access a broad and growing range of Android devices and the install base that comes with them, as well as the option to make your content compatible with PS Vita. In essence, PlayStation Suite is an extra route into delivering PS Vita content that will be available to a much larger pool of developers, and in a much more agile, quicker to market way," House told the PS Blog.

Sony has said it views PS Vita as "a five to ten year platform".

[ SOURCE: US PS Blog ]