Japan sees surging interest in portables in recent years - Sony

PSP still doing well despite release of Vita, says Sony

Japan has seen a growing interest in handheld games consoles in the last four years, says Sony.


This, it says, has been evidenced in PSP's sales compared to PS3, and will hopefully mean good fortunes for Vita.

"There seems to be a shift in Japanese gamers' habits - in the last four or five years there seems to be a much greater focus on portable consoles and we've seen that in recent sales of PSP versus PlayStation 3," said SCE president and CEO, Andrew House.

"I speak with a lot of games publishers and developers and, to be honest, I don't think any of us fully understand what is underpinning that trend. Developer creativity in the portable space is a factor but I don't think that is the only reason. It could be aligned with lifestyle habits and people generally spending more of their time commuting.

"We've benefited greatly, of course, and PSP sales have been fantastic and will continue to be so, even though we now have a brand new console available."

While Vita sales are yet to reflect this handheld 'focus' in Japan, 3DS has seen a massive boost over there since its slow start, selling through five million in under a year and breaking hardware sales records in the region.

[ SOURCE: US PS Blog ]