Buy PS Vita for £197 at Asda

Wi-Fi version available for cheap in store and online

Asda's kicked off the traditional supermarket hardware launch price war, dropping PS Vita Wi-Fi versions down to £197 - that's more than £30 off.


The offer, reports MCV, will be available both in store andonline here from tonight, when Sony's handheld officially goes on sale in Europe.

Meanwhile highstreet retailer HMV has increased the amount it will pay for 3DS trade-ins going towards PS Vita handhelds.

The normal trade-in price of £100 has been increased to £132 for anyone who buys the new portable. That's £97.99 for the Wi-Fi version and a choice of either FIFA or Uncharted.

HMV is also offering an extra £2 per trade-in on any game redeemed against Vita software.