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F1 2011 Vita launch trailer races in

Pick it up from midnight tonight

Codemasters has sent over the launch trailer for F1 2011 on Vita, which you'll be able to pick up from midnight alongside a shiny new Sony handheld.


As well as all of the official teams, drivers and circuits from the last year's F1 Championship, the game will feature Grand Prix, Time Trial, Challenge and multiplayer modes.

Gamers can tailor their experience across solo and multiplayer game types by adjusting race distance, tuning their car, choosing from a range of driving aids and selecting tyre, fuel and weather options.

But is the game any good? "Any PS Vita owner with pretensions towards being a major-league petrol-head will need a copy of this," we wrote in our F1 2011 Vita review, which was published yesterday.

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