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Motorstorm RC review: A questionable reimagining

Radio controlled racing

As questionable reimaginings go, it's up there with making Red Faction: Armageddon a corridor shooter and turning GoldenEye into a CoD clone.


Gone is the madcap scramble along precarious drops, through thick undergrowth and, indeed, over other racers. In comes Sunday afternoon scalextric.

The switch to radio-controlled cars and an isometric view utterly divorces the game from its trademark impact and bustling sense of competition. Festival mode homages the last four games with 16 tracks from Monument Valley, an island paradise, artic wastes and an 'apocalyptic' city, but this just highlights how emotionless and dull it all is.

Urban wasteland? More like Slough car park. Courses are micro-scaled, and forget moving parts and triggered events, the bread and butter of the main games.

Some race types are moreish. Hot Lap hones your skills and familiarizes you with tracks, ending only when you've caught three icons of different speeds, while drift events demonstrate how handling changes from monster truck to muscle car to mini.

Admittedly, there's a decent sense of speed, but cheaper, better racers exist on the App Store. Nothing differentiates this besides more accurate twin stick controls (accelerate with the right stick, turn with the left) and slightly crisper visuals.

The verdict

Lots of tracks and motors, but fails the brand spectacularly. Like Motorstorm after everyone's gone home.

PlayStation Vita
Evolution Studios
Sony Computer Entertainment
Racing / Driving