BlazBlue Continuum Shift Vita review: Vita's secret beat-em-up hit

A good reason to extend the length of your journey...

Want proof PS Vita is more than a PSP with a second stick? This superior version of Arc System Works' energetic beat-'em-up will do nicely.


Although the same game as Continiuum Shift II on PSP (albeit with minor tweaks and the PS3's DLC characters), the difference in quality is night and day.

Washed-out blotches make way for pin-sharp sprites and backgrounds, while the raised d-pad makes hitting diagonals a cinch.

The option to allocate complicated combos to the touch screen could have proven controversial, but in practice it's too fiddly to offer a competitive edge.

BlazBlue is a game of precision and timing that demands the perfect port - here it gets one. We're yet to review the cross-play feature, but we know we'll be fighting PS3 owners on equal terms.

The verdict

A complex-yet-accessible 2D fighter which will satisfy hardcore SF fans much more than Marvel vs Capcom 3.

PlayStation Vita
ARC Systems Works
ARC Systems Works
Beat 'em Up, Action, Adventure