Touch My Katamari Vita review: Series' most fun portable outing to date

The weird world of Katamari stretches itself at last

The concept hasn't changed: the tiny Prince must impress his disparaging dad, the King Of All Cosmos, by rolling items of increasing size and surrealism into a worthy ball of junk. Start little, grow large: it's the Katamari way.


This time, you can also stretch and squeeze your ball by fondling the PS Vita's rear panel. A low and wide Katamari can pick up more stuff, while a tall thin one fits through gaps and climbs steps. The delightfully deranged soundtrack swells and fades as you go, too.

Skip the touchscreen controls - the thumbsticks feel sublime, while the shoulder buttons make it easier to switch direction and to jump. It matters: most stages (many recycled) are punishingly strict, requiring you to grow your Katamari to a certain size within a time limit, or to pick up or avoid certain items.

While you can download new stages and items, you can instead unlock them by collecting sweets, baby faces and Spirit Fans - it's a little complicated, but the option is there.

We'd have liked a few more open-ended stages and less pop-up, but Touch My Katamari is still a fun and funny launch title for Vita - eccentric and bursting with charm.

The verdict

Far better than the recent PSP and iOS versions, this is Katamari's most fun portable outing to date. More new stuff would have been nice, though.

PlayStation Vita