PS Vita: Every launch game reviewed

30+ launch titles - but which should you buy?

PS Vita finally explodes into UK and US retail tomorrow along 30-odd, rather impressive launch titles.

We've already published an updated PS Vita review for the Western launch, along with our choice of best Vita launch games. But in order to make an educated software buying decision, you're going to need some kind of list - one like this...


Our boys and girls behind the scenes have put scores on every boxed PS Vita launch game made available to us ahead of release (the Tecmo pair are pretty much the only games missing), plus all the PSN digital games you'll be looking out for on day one.

As you can see from our numbers then, WipEout 2048, Uncharted: Golden Abyss, Rayman Origins, Lumines: Electronic Symphony and FIFA Vita are our picks of the launch line-up. Let us know which ones you'll be picking up in the comments below...

ModNation Racers: Roadtrip review: 7.5 - Touch controls give ModNation newfound oomph and there's a compelling content system in place - but a lack of identity tempers things.

Reality Fighters review: 6.5 - A mediocre fighter bolted to exceptional customisation. If nothing else, it shows what the PS Vita could be capable of in the hands of a frontline developer.

Uncharted: Golden Abyss review: 8.7 - Not quite up the standard of the PS3 games in either narrative or visual stakes - but then what it is? A triumphant outing for Drake, and Vita's best launch title.

Little Deviants review: 6.3 - Well-meaning and well-executed to a point, but it swims at the shallow end of the pool. Little Deviants is a game to play with rose-tinted launch goggles firmly on your face

WipEout 2048 review: 8.6 - Wipeout leads the pack of PS Vita racers. New modes lack imagination, but visuals are killer and the campaign always offers new events and objectives to fulfill. A Vita must-buy.

F1 2011 review: 8.0 - Proves that the PS Vita can do racing sims, as well as arcade-racers. Once you set it up to your liking, it's uncannily authentic for a game you can carry around with you.

Rayman Origins review: 8.9 - Nothing less than a truly classic slab of platform action: Michel Ancel's neglected opus fits perfectly on the PS Vita.

Asphalt Injection review: 2.9 - It's racing for boys, incompetents or owners of 2004-era Nokias. Everyone else should ignore it.

Dungeon Hunter Alliance : 6.9 - Dungeon Hunter is solid, playable and enjoyable - but its world feels too hackneyed to endure.

Michael Jackson: The Experience review: 4.2 - You could get the original console version for the same price - and you can dance to it.

FIFA Football review: 8.5 - Not perfect, but the best handheld game of football ever made. Plays like the PS3, includes career mode. You want it.

Motorstorm RC review: 6.1 - Lots of tracks and motors, but fails the brand spectacularly. Like Motorstorm after everyone's gone home.

Super Stardust Delta review: 7.5 - Asteroid meets Geometry Wars on the Vita. Simple, limited, but executed well. A bright spark.

Escape Plan review: 8.1 - Sometimes ponderous, Escape Plan redeems its 'tap everything' trial and error through gorgeous visuals and clever puzzles.

Everybody's Golf: 6.5 - A far-from-terrible sports game that's accessible and fun for brief periods, but lacks the creative punch to warrant its place in Vita's launch line-up.

Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3 review: 7.5 - An impressive port that will satisfy seasoned fighters, though it concedes to newbies in the worst way possible.

BlazBlue Continumm Shift review: 8.1 - A complex-yet-accessible 2D fighter which will satisfy hardcore SF fans much more than Marvel vs Capcom 3.

Shinobido 2: Revenge of Zen review: 4.0 - Feels like it's been hiding in the bushes for years, growing old as it waits to spring out on stealth fans.

Virtua Tennis 4 review: 7.6 - Dip in and out, go deep and follow a career, knock about with friends online or in the same room - the Vita version has its sense of fun back. And that's just 'ace'.

Touch My Katamari review: 8.1 - Far better than the recent PSP and iOS versions, this is Katamari's most fun portable outing to date. More new stuff would have been nice, though.

Ridge Racer review: 3.0 - A shallow demo with minimal functionality outside Wi-Fi access, this just isn't an appealing offer. If the core game was a free download, things could be different.

Army Corps of Hell review: 4.0 - Hellacious. It's as if the developers thought their concept was so brilliant they didn't actually need to design levels.

Lumines: Electronic Symphony review: 8.5 - A judicious update of Mizuguchi's Tetris-with-knobs-on game, which makes sensible use of the Vita's diverse input mechanisms and introduces even greater strategic depth.

Top Darts: 5.2 - It's darts but, quite simply, darts doesn't work with a touchscreen.

Ninja Gaiden: Sigma: 6.0 - (Games Radar) Ninja Gaiden Sigma Plus feels like a game from a different era, and despite half-steps to make it more approachable, is painfully frustrating in ways that probably can't be changed without altering the core of the game. If you can get past that, NGSP is a deep, lengthy adventure, with combat that's still one of the best in 3D action gaming history.

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