Rayman Origins PS Vita launch trailer

A truly classic slab of platform action

Ubisoft has sent over the launch trailer for the PS Vita version of Rayman Origins.


Officially set for release at midnight alongside Sony's new handheld, its looks and gameplay are in no way inferior to those of the home console versions released in late 2011.

So it's good then? "You simply won't find a better-crafted example of the old-fashioned art of platform gaming than Rayman Origins - it's up there with the finest of Miyamoto's creations," we said in our Rayman Origins Vita review, which was published earlier today.

The Vita version features a new pinch-to-zoom mechanic that lets you take a closer look at the levels simply by swiping your fingers outwards on the Vita's touch screen. It also has a Ghost most that lets you race the ghosts of friends.

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