EA: FIFA Street can convert 'last remaining PES players'

Publisher wants to score a killer blow in the battle of the two footy franchises

EA's hoping the remaining hardcore PES fans will finally switch allegiance from the Konami series to its own football franchise when FIFA Street launches in March.


"We're hopeful that we can use Street as a way to introduce people that love football video games into the EA Sports family," FIFA Street creative director Gary Paterson told MCV.

"We're hopeful that maybe the last remaining hardcore PES group of players will be interested in FIFA Street.

"Also, maybe some other players see FIFA as being a bit intimidating for them, and we're hopeful these are looking for a more casual experience. It's a way for people to have their first experience in the world of football gaming and maybe in the future they can go on to be FIFA gamers."

EA recently slapped a March 16 UK release date on the Xbox 360 and PS3 game, while detailing a new feature called the Street Network, which is designed to encourage social competition among players.

If you can't wait that long and you're thinking of picking up a Vita at midnight, you might want to check out our FIFA Vita review, which was published earlier today.

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