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POLL: Will you buy PS Vita today?

Let us know your thoughts on Sony's new handheld - and its price

It can't have escaped your notice that the PS Vita launches today in the UK and US, and if you want to know the full story be sure to check out our updated PS Vita review, plus our special review feature which gives you the low down on every single PS Vita launch game.

As always we're curious as to what you, the readers, think of Sony's new handheld. Will you be picking up a PlayStation Vita for yourself either today or in the near future? Do you already have one fresh from the midnight queues? Or indeed, does the portable simply not interest you at all?

Vote with your feet or rather vote in our CVG poll and then flesh out your reasons for or against in the comments field below. We'll be keeping an eye out for the best, most informative reasons for or against and using them in a future feature, so safety's off and go!

Check out our special live report from the PS Vita launch.