Sony: US Vita sales data is 'very, very positive'

"It scares me if people think that the Japanese launch is struggling," says PlayStation boss

Sony Computer Entertainment America CEO and president Jack Tretton says early signs bode well for the PS Vita launch in the US.


He gave IGN an "initial read" on the American sales situation following a soft Vita launch on February 15, which saw special early access bundles released a week ahead of the official Western launch.

Speaking about hardware and peripherals, he said the signs were "very, very positive... Memory is going out the door very aggressively despite the fact that memory is in a lot of the presale bundles. The software appears to be selling quite well top to bottom."

On the software front, Tretton said "Uncharted [Golden Abyss] is far and away the big winner, but I think we kind of knew that."

The exec went on to dismiss suggestions that Vita has underperformed in Japan following its December launch, referring to gloomy reports as a "perception" issue.

"Quite frankly, it scares me if people think that the Japanese launch is struggling. The fact is they sold 500,000 units in three weeks... I would be pleased if we did 500,000 units in the first three weeks here in the United States. I think that's a real healthy number for a new platform launch."

PS Vita released at midnight last night in the West. We were at official London launch event and snapped a few pictures - have a look.

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