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Vita offers 'long term piracy protection'

Sony says custom security solution was "front and centre" in the system's early specs

Numerous firmware updates and even the release of the digital-only PSPgo proved ineffective when it came to combating rampant PSP piracy, but Sony says it has moved to stop history repeating itself with PS Vita.


SVP of worldwide studios, Scott Rohde, told Gamasutra that implementing Vita anti-piracy measures was a priority for the company from the off.

"That was front and centre in the early specs of this machine," he said. "We needed to have something that would combat piracy from day one, and that's why the cards that you can purchase for the games are in their own proprietary format.

"It's something that we felt was completely necessary to make sure that people could not pirate these games. I mean, it's a custom security solution on each one of these cartridges. That is something that we are confident will protect us from piracy for the long term."

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Back in 2010, SCEA's Rob Dyer said: "The biggest problem that plagued PSP was piracy; we have not been able to slow that down.

"We think we have some answers going forward, but we're not ready to talk about that publicly at this point," he added. "So we're working on fixing that, because that's been a big problem. Publishers, when they put out good games, are not getting the same sales results that they got a few years back. So piracy's been a big issue and we're working on that very diligently to bring about some solutions."

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