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PS3 and Vita are 'each other's best accessories,' says UK PlayStation boss

Cross-platform play 'will become more and more powerful'

Sony Computer Entertainment UK managing director Fergal Gara has suggested that cross-platform play between PS3 and Vita will become a major focus for the platform holder in due course.


"The market needs something fresh and new," he told CVG in a newly published interview earlier today. "I think the market is ready for it - the UK market in particular, where console penetration is extremely high.

"And I think it's very important for the PlayStation brand, because the story we're not really hammering hard at this early stage, in order to keep it fairly simple, is the whole cross-play story - something which is powerful today, and will become more and more so as the developers get to grips with its possibilities.

"It's what I call a better-together story," Gara added. "The PlayStation 3 and PS Vita are each other's best accessories. MotorStorm RC is probably one of the best examples of where, for less than a fiver, you get the console edition and the portable edition. So really, we're packing a lot of value and the whole PlayStation ethos into that title."

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We also asked Sony whether it's true that playing PS3 games on the PS Vita via Remote Play has been blocked.

"We haven't blocked it," said Jonathan Fargher, senior PR manager for Sony Computer Entertainment Europe. "We showed the Killzone camera, streaming games to the PS Vita, but regarding that specific feature, we'll be making more announcements in the near future. As you know, PS3 firmware updates add new functions all the time.

Gara said: "I think we're getting our heads around what it is we want people to be able to do, and what we should promote. With or without that remote access, I think there's a huge amount in cross-play that remains to be explored.

"We haven't said very much at all about how the best accessory for the PS3 is the PS Vita, and vice-versa, but there's more to come and we expect that to build. We wanted to keep the message simple at the start, which is: this is the best version of console gaming you can ever take on the move with you."