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Binary Domain review round-up: Early scores point to worthy action game

All the review scores in one place...

Yakuza creator Toshihiro Nagoshi's latest project, third-person shooter Binary Domain, is released tomorrow and the verdicts have started to come in.

In our Binary Domain review we called said the game is a "brave attempt to innovate in a tired genre, but one let down by dubious AI and a distinct lack of polish".

We awarded it a 7.0 and gave props to its consequence system, story and boss battles, but said it was let down by "Incredibly dumb squad AI" and "Unremarkable combat".

As always we've round-up as many scores as we could find for the game and stuck them in a list below. We'll be keeping this updated as more scores come out, so check back regularly.

  • VideoGamer - 8/10: It's redolent of the late Dreamcast/early PS2 era, when games were edgier and more interesting, before they were focus-tested into oblivion. While there's evidence that some of the sharper edges have been sanded off here, it's the unusual blend of western polish and Japanese creativity that makes Binary Domain so fascinating. If it represents a tentative toe-dip into uncharted waters for Nagoshi and Sega, here's hoping they wade in with both feet next time.
  • NowGamer - 7/10: A fun but short-lived futuristic romp that, despite not stepping too far outside of the third-person shooter box, likes to poke its head out and have a look around from time to time.
  • IGN - 7.5/10: The voice command and trust systems are interesting experiments that yield slightly underdeveloped results, but ultimately Binary Domain doesn't hang its hat on them - even without the gimmicks this is an enjoyable albeit derivative shooter that any self-respecting sci-fi fan should check out.