Toshihiro Nagoshi: 'I'm committed to Sony hardware... we grew up together'

Sega designer on Binary Domain, Yakuza and console loyalty...

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How do you foresee the industry evolving over the next decade?

Well, the first thing is that consoles - PS3, PS4, Xbox 360-2 - the market for those will get smaller, and the main market will become portable games. I don't think consoles will disappear, but more and more people will use home PCs for gaming, and a long time in the future it will just be PCs and mobile phones, and eventually mobiles will become just as powerful as games consoles. Also, the most important and unavoidable thing is the interface. Right now, that means either buttons or touchscreens. Those are the only two interfaces we have.

So I think the next big evolution will be the introduction of a new type of interface. Sure, we have voice input, but voice will never become the main input. So I think that whoever can figure out that new type will be victorious.

An iPhone is super-simple and anyone can use it. Do you worry that pad complexity might scare people away?


Yes, I think it's strange the number of buttons has increased and never decreased. So that means we need to reset things, somehow. Like I was saying earlier, I think the answer lies in some as-yet unknown third type of interface.

Like one that plugs directly into your brain or nervous system?

No, I think your hands will always be directly involved. That will never change. It'll be something you can touch. Something like gyroscopes is close, but gyros are hard to control accurately. It needs to be something new and that allows for totally accurate control. Once that is discovered, everything will change.

Motion control promised that paradigm shift, but it hasn't worked out so well...

Ha, yes! Everyone's trying to find that new input - great minds think alike!

Would you ever undergo cybernetic augmentations yourself?

No way! I like accessories, but... I mean, I have a lot of piercings, but that's about my limit, ha ha!

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