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5 best console launch line-ups ever

Games that made their platforms irresistible at launch...

It's all well and good for hardware creators to include everything and the kitchen sink in their new consoles, but it won't count for diddly squat without a top notch software line-up to back it up.

Very often a great launch line-up can be difference between your console selling like hot cakes on release, becoming the talk of the town and selling like a second batch of even hotter cakes, or being completely ignored and absolutely absolutely bombing.

We've had a rummage into the archives and put together a list what we believe are the five best console launch line-ups. Tell us we're wrong and let us know which ones are better won't you...

PS Vita - EU Launch


We know the PS Vita has only just come out, but it's hard to fault the spread of games on offer. There's something for everyone.

You've got FIFA for the football fans, which looks and plays just as great as it's home console cousin. The Virtua Tennis titles are probably gaming's most fun depiction of the sport, so it's another welcome addition to the Vita's line up.

More of a racing fan? There's Wipeout 2048 with its gloriously speedy races through futuristic tracks, and cross-platform support with PS3 players. ModNation Racers: Roadtrip offers more of the Mario Kart-esque arcade racing that you loved about the original and includes the brilliant track creator, so you can create crazy levels on your commute to work. Unless you drive to work that is - we wouldn't advise creating levels then. Codemaster's excellent F1 2011 is also available for those more in to racing sims.

For something a little bit different, Escape Plan and Little Deviants offer fresh gameplay experiences, they might not knock the ball out the park but they are unique. The former is a puzzle-platformer in which the player has to avoid a hilariously gruesome deaths by way of a variety of mechanical and electrical death traps. The latter is a collection of mini-games which showcase the Vita's numerous control methods, such as the rear touch-pad or the gyro and motion-sensing controls.

And finally there's Uncharted: Golden Abyss - the stand-out title of the Vita's line-up. The game that goes a long way in arguing that PS3-quality titles are now possible on a handheld. So all in all, it's an undeniably impressive line-up of launch games.

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