Halo 4 - What we want to see

This is our list but what do YOU want to see?

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The kids got heart


Some us didn't feel much more than indifference when each member of Noble team met their demise during Halo: Reach, and we're sure we weren't alone.

Much of Noble team didn't really interest us as characters - they were too by-the-numbers; soldier clichés that we've seen many times before. There was Carter, the no nonsense leader of the group. Kat, the 'badass' female - modelled on Vasquez from Aliens. Jorge - the big, heavy weapons guy. Emile - he has a skull carved in to his helmet, and is therefore is obviously a badass or something.

Their personalities only really went as far as their accent and armour, so it would be nice to see 343 try to create some original characters with a little more depth. We're not asking for characters that go on massive rants about politics, ideology and the philosophy of war in the same vein as a Metal Gear Solid character, but a characters with a little more flavour wouldn't hurt.

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