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Fun for the whole family


Whether you're a fan of Halo or not, there's no denying its multiplayer is some of the best we've had this gen, simply for the sheer abundance of options and features available to the player. Few games provide a bigger bang to buck ratio than Bungie's sci-fi epic, but even so there are a couple of things that we feel are missing.

First of all: bots. Fans have been requesting bots since the first game, but we still haven't got them. Bots were a very welcome addition to Call of Duty: Black Ops, but Treyarch dropped the ball a bit with the implementation. It feels odd to call out bots for being cheap aim-botters but go play a round of combat training and you'll see what we mean after you've been one-shotted by a bullet in the head for the thirty-seventh time.

Not everyone is connected to Xbox Live, and we feel those that don't are missing out on a large portion of what makes Halo great, so let's get bots in there for the offline folk. Also, we can kill easy bots in exotic ways and record it in theatre mode to make ourselves look like pros. Yeah.

Secondly, and probably more importantly - matchmaking for custom games. The Halo community has crafted so many weird and wonderful maps and game modes, it seems a shame to not be able to play them with the rest of the world. Not everyone has fifteen friends always readily available to play custom games with, so there's an opportunity there to allow other people from around the world in to our games and let them insult our map-making ability and call out our choice of starting weapons. Something to think about 343.

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