Rainbow 6: Patriots - Harsh choices and harsher consequences

Do you save the president, or save your family?

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As you'll have already seen, the Rainbow Six Patriots target footage - released last year - starts with a wealthy businessman celebrating his birthday with his wife. Then it all goes wrong: terrorists storm his house, tie him up and turn him into a human bomb.


Before being knocked unconscious we hear someone say: "Tell Treadway, subject 4 is activated."Who is Treadway? Is he the suited man from the second trailer (debuted at December's VGAs) who reveals the terrorists are called the True Patriots? If the hostage is subject 4, how many subjects are there?

Are these subjects just bankers and money men or could the True Patriots be working their way up the tree? Consider that in the trailer the suited man also says, "It's time for a new balance of power." Our bet: they're going to try to take out the President. Hey, it's a Clancy game...


The footage also raises questions about how you control the game. Prompted button presses play a role, demonstrated right from the off where you're offered the chance to blow out the candle on your birthday cake and kiss your wife. The game will likely build on this later on, and we'd assume the devs will assign face buttons to different targets and drop you right in the middle of the (terrifying) decision-making. Who do you save and who do you sacrifice? Big choices from a big game.

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