Once and for all: PS Vita or Nintendo 3DS - Which do you think is better?

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It might not gaming's most exciting David versus Goliath match-up but Sony and Nintendo have once again sent forth their portable champions to do battle.

Representing Sony's is the PlayStation Vita, a ludicrously powerful bit of kit that aims to give players both the bite-sized gaming experience popularised by Apple's iOS devices, and also ride with the big boys by offering lavish, console-esque experiences.

Fighting Nintey's corner is the Nintendo 3DS, a system that leverages the incredible mainstream success of its predecessor and introduces risky new 3D technology.

In our PS Vita review we say "expense is undoubtedly the PS Vita's Achilles heel -- £230 is a hefty amount of money to find in famously impecunious times, and its games can set you back up to £40". On top of that there's a significant amount of ancillary expenses required to get the system up and running.


"Anyone who buys one will also have to invest in a (proprietary) memory card, because the 16Gb one provided as standard fills up very swiftly. Prospective PS Vita owners will have to be both keen gamers and pretty flush financially."

However, we also said this is an essential purchase if you're a gamer and in a position to splurge a bit of cash on it.

"The PS Vita is, simply, the most powerful, usable and best designed portable gaming console ever. The way in which it replicates the fixed-console gaming experience in a package that you can slip into your pocket is little short of astonishing. It already has a great portfolio of games, including triple-A blockbusters and cheap yet quirky and original download games, and that's just at launch. It's a technological tour de force, yet its high-tech nature hasn't in any way compromised its usability."

At this stage the Vita's biggest issues is the steep asking price. But it also has a very uncertain future ahead of it. The Vita inherits the ethos of Sony's last high-end portable console and as a result stands to fall prey to the same things issues that held it down. The question of whether people actually want blockbuster gaming experiences on a handheld being the biggest among them.

Of course Sony seems to think it has that angle covered by allowing owners to download App-like games that are cheaper and designed for portable, short-burst gaming sessions. But is it spreading itself thin?

Back when we released our Nintendo 3DS review we found it hard to resist the charms of the system and said "Nintendo's glasses-free tech could well represent the tipping point for the technology. If you want an example of a modern day gaming revolution, look no further." But since the system's 3D has proved itself as much a bane as it is a boon.

Reception to Nintendo's dazzling 3D tech hasn't been as overwhelmingly positive as they'd hoped, both because there's a significant amount of people out there that just don't get on well with it and also because it has doesn't jive well with a device without a locked viewing angle.

Although the Nintendo 3DS is slowly building up a strong library of titles, these are mostly first-party games. Titles such as Resident Evil: Revelations stand out as obvious exceptions, but for the most part third-party support has left many feeling unsatisfied.

Some would argue the PS Vita has managed to launch with a library of titles that is as strong if not stronger than the library the Nintendo 3DS has built up over a year. We know there's a few people around here that are lovingly cradling their Vitas and shaking their heads with disappointment at the Nintendo 3DS.

So, you're no doubt well acquainted with the Nintendo 3DS and have likely spent some quality time with the newly released Vita. Tell which of the two (if any) you fine readers prefer and why?

If you don't have either, are you planning on picking any of these two up? If so, which one and why?