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Gotham City Impostors update, free DLC release

And lost XP and Costume coins being returned to glitch victims

Monolith has pulled out all the stops for Gotham City Impostors players, with a bug-fixing update and free DLC.


The new update, available now to Xbox 360 owners and 'in submission' for PS3 and PC, not only works to fix bugs that have plagued the launch of the shooter, but adds new content for free.

This includes: "The 25th Floor map, the Kingmaker and Falcon Blade weapons, the Toxic Gas Support Item, and a new Fun Fact."

It also adds matchmaking fixes and new costumes.

Monolith has also announced that it has begun returning XP and Costume Costume Coins to victims of the stat wipe glitch that enraged players last week.

"This process is going to happen in waves, not all at once. Additionally, we'll be running these waves continually until the issue is completely resolved," said the developer.

More info on that is through here and fuller update patch notes are here for all three versions.

Here's a new trailer showing off the new content in the update.

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