Want Mass Effect 3 UK early? Get your binoculars out...

EA launches London copy into space

If you're in London and so desperate to play Mass Effect 3 that you can't wait a few more weeks, we've got a way so crazy that it might just work.


EA launched a copy of BioWare's epic from London into space at 11:30am this morning and as the old saying goes: what goes up must come down.

So, if you head over to the game's official website you can track its journey and - if you're fast enough - pick it up when it inevitably crash-lands back on Earth.

Those dedicated enough to track down the space faring copy of Mass Effect 3 will be rewarded with the Space Edition of the game, which includes a spiffy shirt, a hat, an art book, a hoodie, water bottle (which you're probably going to need), and bag.

If you need some motivation have a look at this new Mass Effect 3 live-action trailer.