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Mass Effect 3 is 40 hours long, has 'definitive ending'

New details revealed in first mag review...

Mass Effect 3 is 40 hours long and has more than 90 minutes worth of cut-scenes, according to German gaming mag, Gamestar.


According to the mag's Mass Effect 3 review, the main quest is between 15-20 hours long and features 40 hours worth of gameplay time and 90 minutes of cutscenes.

Fans looking to see how Sheaprd's story ends will be happy to hear Mass Effect 3 has "No loose ends or cliffhangers" but there's an "an interesting sequence after the end credits".

Gamestar claims ME3 has over "100 scenes, conversations and/or events change depending on our choices after importing a save-game from ME2".

Long-time Spectres can look forward to everything from "someone thanking us for completing a mission to bigger repercussions" for earlier actions. We've got a feeling the Rachni will be a big one.

The RPG mode "feels very much like ME1" but level design is "similar to ME2". As an added bonus scanning is "a lot quicker now and incorporates a new mini-game where you have to navigate your ship away from Reaper threat".

The review states it's a little inconsistent visually due to "the low polycount, lack of detail and low texture resolution". Fortunately "the characters are well animated and modeled... and the overall look, despite its age, is quite moody".

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[ SOURCE: BioWare Social ]