Journey dev exploring platforms 'beyond PlayStation'

Sony exclusivity deal almost up

Journey and Flower developer thatgamecompany is looking into bringing its next game to platforms 'just beyond PlayStation'.


"Thatgamecompany had a three game contract with Sony, so the past three games had to be Sony exclusive," explained the firm's co-founder and creative director, Jenova Chen.

"Right now we are very much exploring ways to bring our games to a bigger audience, beyond just PlayStation," he teased.

"We are still in the process of negotiating, but I hope that we can announce it [soon]. But right now it's still in the process," he told Push Square.

As that quote sparked mass speculation on the internet over Journey's exclusivity, the developer followed up on NeoGAF with further clarity on the matter: "flOw, Flower, and Journey are all owned by Sony. We won't be porting them over to iOS, Steam, other consoles, etc. If Sony wants to do any of that, they can," said the dev.

"As for what we'll work on next, we aren't going to announce what will happen until we announce it, so you'll just have to play the waiting game. We are very excited about this new game, just like with flOw, Flower, and Journey."

With some of the most unique PSN games to the developer's name, Xbox and Nintendo platform owners best have their fingers crossed very tightly.

The developer revealed the 14 Trophies in Journey - arguably it's most interesting-looking game to date.

[ SOURCE: Via Gamasutra ]