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SSX review - 5/10 in Edge

"Veering away from some of the fun and fireworks of yesteryear," says the mag

Edge has delivered its review of EA Canada's SSX and given the game a middling 5/10 score.


We were quite enamoured with the game, saying in our 9/10 SSX review that it's "a beautiful, expertly crafted compromise between nostalgia and evolution."

However, Edge isn't quite as taken with it. Its reviewer says "challenges that involve the likes of oxygen meters, wingsuits and ice picks" are "inconsistent variables" that "dilute the series' simple thrills as often as they enhance them", while calling out the headlamp-based runs in the dark as a particular sticking point.

Edge does say that when the ideas work, they really work, calling "gliding freefalls in wingsuits and the reverse-camera avalanche stages thrilling bite-size blasts of originality".

Ultimately though, the mag feels the ambitious design of SSX also holds it back, and specifically the ability to rewind time to take another stab at hitting that perfect trick or racing line. "It's a concept that's worked well in other games, from Prince Of Persia: The Sands Of Time to Race Driver: GRID, but here it feels like a concession to stages that are too unpredictable to conquer first time out the gate and too sprawling to memorise.

"It gives the track designers an excuse to be cruel, too, where previous games were kind and offered plentiful opportunities to pick your mark and grind it. SSX at its soaring best was about empowerment, not punishment."

The review concludes by saying: "SSX has found a worthy infrastructure to establish an online community and culture. But this same approach has found the brand veering away from some of the fun and fireworks of yesteryear, leaving its more seductive silly side out in the cold."

Other critics offered greater praise. Have a read of our SSX review round-up to see what they said.

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