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Download Killzone 3's multiplayer free now

And make the most of this weekend's Double XP

PS3 owners are now able to download the entire multiplayer mode from Killzone 3 without paying a single penny. At first, anyway.


Dubbed Killzone 3 Multiplayer, the F2P version will include the Guerrilla Warfare, Warzone and Operations game modes, as well as the original Killzone 3 maps AND all Killzone 3 DLC maps.

The Killzone 3 Multiplayer is free to try but once you reach the rank of Sergeant I you'll need to shell out $15 to advance and unlock Trophies.

And for those of you who already own Killzone 3, Guerrilla will kick off a Double XP Weekend this Friday, March 2, starting at 17:00 PM UK time, and lasting until Monday, March 5 at 10:00 AM UK time. Of course, those of you that want your free trial to last a long as possible won't want to play during the double XP times.