Mario Party 9 won't be available at GAME

Stock woes now include big Nintendo release

Nintendo's Mario Party 9 won't be available at specialist high-street retailer GAME.

That's according to an unconfirmed Eurogamer report, which says it's unclear whether all Nintendo games will be similarly impacted. We're awaiting comment from GAME on the matter.


Update: A GAME spokesperson told us: "We can confirm that GAME group will not be stocking this Friday's release of Mario Party 9. We are in talks with Nintendo to resolve this and we apologise to our customers for this disappointing news.

"We're doing as much as we can to give our customers the widest possible range, but as flagged before, we need our partners help in order to do this.''

Earlier today, GAME confirmed it won't be stocking Mass Effect 3. Over the last few weeks, the retailer has been unable to stock The Last Story and Tekken 3DS, both of which were distributed by Nintendo, and until yesterday it was also unable to offer Ubisoft's Vita launch titles.

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