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New Assassin's Creed 3 image leaked by Game Informer

All but confirms main character and setting

Earlier what was claimed to be an image of the main character from Assassin's Creed 3 showed up online, now Game Informer seems to have jumped the gun and accidentally leaked another image showing off the game's new setting and character.


The image features an assassin in battle alongside George Washington, with the American flag serving as a backdrop. We reported that Ubi was taking the franchise from renaissance Italy to the American revolution back in January and recent evidence indicates it's true.

From the looks of it he seems to be lending George a hand, but as yet it's unclear whether this is official art provided by Ubisoft or if it's Game Informer's own Photoshop job. Either way it looks very cool.

Although the character looks a little younger than the assassin shown in the image earlier today, it could be him at a younger period in his life.You can get a better look at the fresh-faced assassin on the left hand side of the banner image, but most of his features are obscured since he's doing that bad ass 'looking-to-see-if-my-collar-is-popped' pose that all assassin's love to do.

Although Ubisoft hasn't officially shown anything from the game or confirmed when it will everything seems to be pointing to a reveal in the next few days. Yesterday it said a "major announcement" was on the way. According to the Best Buy employee that leaked the image Ubi will show the game fully on March 5.