GAME CEO: 'As an industry we will pull through this'

Ian Shepherd remains optimistic during rough period for the retailer and its partners

GAME Group CEO Ian Shepherd has said no one benefits from the retailer's recent troubles, and that he's sure the industry will pull through the tumultuous period.


Shepherd's statements were posted on Twitter, along with words of gratitude for the support shown to the retailer.

"A lot of feedback, both anger and support - understandable. No-one wins from this," he said, "But I'm sure that as an industry we will pull through."

Yesterday GAME Group confirmed its GAME and Gamestation stores won't be selling Mass Effect 3 in March, effectively forcing customers to go elsewhere to buy arguably the biggest release of this year so far.

A leaked internal memo later detailed problems between GAME and EA, and revealed that the retailer won't be stocking the publisher's games in March following the release of SSX this Friday.

The company has since said it's in talks with EA to resolve the situation, referring to recent stock problems as a "temporary" issue, but some have speculated that US retailer GameStop will swoop in to pick up the pieces.

Sources claimed yesterday that GameStop is very interested in acquiring GAME but doesn't want to take on its Australian business as it already has its own EB Games chain in the territory.

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