New Max Payne 3 console screens bring the pain

11 fresh shots from Rockstar's upcoming game

Rockstar has sent over a new batch of Max Payne 3 console screens.


They're from a section of the game which sees Max making a cash drop off at the stadium of Sao Paulo's premier football club, the Galatians, with the aim of getting back a woman kidnapped by a street gang called Comando Sombra.

But as the money exchanges hands, the deal goes sour and the guns come out. Cue plenty of slow motion leaps and murder. We recently went hands-on with this new gameplay demo. For more on it, check out this newly published Max Payne 3 preview.

The PS3 and Xbox 360 versions of the game launch on May 15 in North America and May 18 internationally, while the PC one's out on May 29 in the US and June 1 everywhere else.

Check out this trailer if you're interested in learning more about the game's weapons and targeting systems.

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