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Mass Effect 3: Master every power with our expert class guide

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Focused purely on combat, the Soldier class is the toughest available as they have access to all special ammo types along with grenades. This class has the highest weight capacity, so they can take a large selection of weapons into battle without significantly increasing power cooldown time.

The downside of the Soldier class is they have no tech or biotic powers, so they need to rely on their prowess with weaponry or the powers of their squadmates to defeat tougher enemies.

Adrenaline Rush - slows time allowing you to line up shots, and increases weapon damage
Concussive Shot - a forceful blast that knocks down enemies
Frag Grenade - packed with shrapnel to cause explosive damage
Incendiary Ammo - causes fire damage to enemies and has a chance to panic them
Disruptor Ammo - increases damage to shields and barriers and has a chance to stun enemies
Cryo Ammo - damages armour, reduces enemy speed and has a chance to freeze them

We recommend using Adrenaline Rush as this slows down time, giving you longer to line up critical shots. Your weapons do increased damage while this power is in use, so combine with a sniper rifle and aim for headshots for maximum effect.

Initially when facing unprotected enemies you should equip Incendiary Ammo, as this burns them and causes sustained damage for several seconds. Once you begin to face shielded enemies switch to Disruptor Ammo, as this breaks down their barriers and can also stun them.

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