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Mass Effect 3: Master every power with our expert class guide

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Combining both combat and tech skills, the Infiltrator class can use stealth to get close to enemies while remaining undetected. This class has a medium weight capacity, so can carry a couple of weapons without adversely affecting power cooldown time.

The Infiltrator class has no biotic powers and is unable to harness mass effect fields, so they should be paired up with at least one biotic squadmate to give a full range of attacks.

Disruptor Ammo - increases damage to shields and barriers and has a chance to stun enemies
Cryo Ammo - damages armour, reduces enemy speed and has a chance to freeze them
Incinerate - burns through armour, does heavy damage to health and can panic enemies
Tactical Cloak - remain hidden and get a massive damage bonus when attacking from cloaked
Sticky Grenade - sticks to enemy and causes a large amount of damage
Sabotage - takes control of synthetics to fight for you and overheats weapons

We recommend using Tactical Cloak as this gives you temporary invisibility, allowing you to reach enemies undetected. Your weapons receive a massive damage bonus when firing them while cloaked, so combine with a shotgun to sneak up on enemies and deliver a powerful blast before retreating to cover.

To attack from a distance, use Incinerate to cause a large amount of damage to enemies and send them into a panic. This power is particularly useful against bosses as it quickly destroys their armour, making them vulnerable to a follow up stealth attack to finish them off.

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