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The Vanguard class is skilled in combat and biotic powers, with a charge attack that both damages enemies and quickly brings the Vanguard in for close combat. This class has a medium weight capacity, so can equip several weapons before power cooldown time increases unduly.

The weakness of the Vanguard class is they have no tech powers, which reduces their effectiveness against synthetic enemies. To counter this ensure at least one squadmate with tech abilities is chosen when confrontations with synthetics are expected.

Incendiary Ammo - causes fire damage to enemies and has a chance to panic them
Cryo Ammo - damages armour, reduces enemy speed and has a chance to freeze them
Biotic Charge - temporary invulnerability, rush into enemies and blast
Nova - detonates remaining shield for a close range blast
Shockwave - sends out a series of explosions that launch enemies into the air
Pull - raises enemies into the air and draws them towards you

We recommend using Pull as this lifts enemies off the ground, which is very useful for drawing them out of covered positions. This stops them shooting at you and leaves them exposed to your gunfire or further power attacks from your squadmates.

Use Biotic Charge to launch yourself into an enemy from distance as this delivers a powerful blast on impact and you are invulnerable while travelling, this also brings you in close to other enemies for melee attacks. However after using Biotic Charge your shield is reduced to 50%, so be ready to return to cover.

Nova is a great backup power as it detonates your remaining shield in a powerful explosion, so using it if you find yourself getting overrun can offer an escape route.

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