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With strong biotic and tech abilities as well as additional armour, the Sentinel class is well equipped to deal with all types of enemies. This class has a medium weight capacity, but takes only one or two weapons to achieve a faster cooldown time for powers.

The Sentinel class is weaker when it comes to combat abilities and is less effective in a straight firefight, so combining them with a squadmate who has weapon skills is advised.

Throw - fling enemies through the air
Warp - cuts through enemy armour and stops health regeneration
Lift Grenade - creates explosions that sends enemies flying
Tech Armour - provides added protection, and can be exploded to damage enemies
Overload - power surge that damages shields, barriers and synthetics and stuns enemies
Cryo Blast - damages armour and slows down or freezes enemies

We recommend using Overload as this breaks down shields and barriers as well as stunning enemies, as this is an electronic attack it is most effective against synthetics.

For armoured or organic enemies switch to using Warp as this destroys armour and damages health while preventing further regeneration to stop them recovering.

Tech Armour should be equipped at all times as this not only improves your shield protection, but if you find yourself being overrun you can detonate it to damage nearby enemies while you retreat to cover.

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