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Mass Effect 3: Master every power with our expert class guide

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A master of biotics, the Adept class has several powers that can be used in combination for devastating effect. This class has a low weight capacity, so should take just a single lightweight weapon into battle to ensure the fastest power cooldown time possible.

As they have no tech or combat skills the Adept class should be matched up with squadmates who have these abilities. However, the strength of the power combinations available to Adepts means they should have no trouble protecting themselves.

Warp - cuts through enemy armour and stops health regeneration
Throw - fling enemies through the air
Shockwave - sends out a series of explosions that launch enemies into the air
Singularity - creates a mass effect field to levitate enemies
Pull - lifts enemies into the air and draws them towards you
Cluster Grenade - creates a powerful explosion to send enemies flying

We recommend using Singularity as this traps enemies in a ball of energy and lifts them into the air, drawing them out of cover and exposing them to attack. Follow this up with Throw on the hanging enemies to launch them across the area, causing damage and potentially an instant kill if they are dropped over a ledge.

Alternatively using Warp on enemies trapped by Singularity triggers a biotic combo detonation, causing damage not only to the hanging enemies but any others nearby that are caught in the blast radius.

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