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The Engineer class is an expert in tech skills, able to bring down enemy defences as well as spawn drones and turrets for additional attacking power. This class has a low weight capacity, so a bare minimum of weaponry should be equipped to shorten power cooldown time.

With no biotic or combat abilities the Engineer should be assisted by squadmates with the appropriate skills, and their low capacity for weapons means they must rely heavily on drones and turrets to protect them while they use their other offensive powers.

Incinerate - burns through armour, does heavy damage to health and can panic enemies
Overload - power surge that damages shields, barriers and synthetics and stuns enemies
Cryo Blast - damages armour and slows down or freezes enemies
Combat Drone - deploys a drone that stuns enemies and draws fire
Sabotage - takes control of synthetics to fight for you and overheats weapons
Sentry Turret - launches a turret to provide covering fire

We recommend using Combat Drone as this shocks nearby enemies and draws their attention away from you, allowing you to pick them off while they're distracted. Combine with Sentry Turret to give you additional firepower so you can continue attacking even while in cover.

Only one of each can be deployed at a time however so don't waste energy activating a new one before the previous power has expired.

Use Overload to bring down the defences of shielded enemies or Incinerate to destroy armoured enemies protection, leaving them exposed to follow up attacks from your drone and turret.

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