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PixelJunk 4am out in Spring

Launch party free and open to everyone in San Fran next week

Q-Games' latest project, PixelJunk 4am, will be out in spring, Sony has confirmed.


To celebrate, the developer will host a party in San Francisco next week (in line with the GDC expo), for GDC attendees and, more importantly, the general gaming public to attend and check out the... erm, software.

PJ 4am is less a game and more a music-making toy, giving users the ability to conjure up funky beats and make trippy patterns on screen with a controller or the PS Move, and broadcast their creations via PSN. Others will then be able to tune in via a free 'viewer' app available for free to everyone.

More info on the game and the party through the source link.

[ SOURCE: US PS Blog ]