Halo 4: 84 gameplay screenshots

Get your magnifying glasses out

If it isn't already obvious from the front of our site, Microsoft has finally shown off Halo 4.

We go to see it in person and have whipped up a delicious Halo 4 preview to go alongside this new developer diary.

Although much of the video is taken up by 343 Industries dishing out details on its vision for the fourth game in the series, there are also a few flashes of gameplay. We've gone through the trailer and snapped as many pictures as we can and stuck them below for you to see.


The video was multiplayer-focused, so most of the shots contain the Reds going up against the Blue again. There's more than a few shots of the new and improved Master Chief, and comparison shots of how he's changed from his previous iterations.

343 creative director Josh Holmes talked of giving players "a greater sense of empowerment through choice" in the single player campaign and from the looks of it Chief is suited up to do some serious damage.

For more details and comment from 343, read the first eyes-on impressions in our Halo 4 preview and take a look at the screens below.