Mass Effect 3 guide: 10 essential tips to help you save the galaxy

Become the ultimate sniper, dominate bosses, unlock bonus powers and more...

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6. How to throw like a pro


Throw is a biotic power that knocks enemies off their feet with a ball of energy. What you might not realise is that you can actually bend it around corners to hit enemies in cover.

The trick is to aim slightly above the edge of the object they're hiding behind and fire. Aim too high and you'll miss, but get it just right and the ball will actually curve around and home in on your target. This is a good way of flushing enemies out of cover.

7. How to make quick work of bosses


Around the time you start fighting the Brutes, start upgrading armour-destroying powers like Warp and Incinerate - particularly damage and cooldown time. They chew through Armour (the yellow health bar you see on powerful foes), and that's where most of the hit-points of boss enemies like Banshees and Ravagers are.

8. How to pull enemies out of cover


Singularity is an amazingly useful power. It pulls everyone nearby into the air, making cover almost useless. While they float, Warp or Throw will trigger a Biotic combo on them, and that trick is your main damage dealer. Upgrade it for bigger radius, and more combo damage.

9. How to deal with Cannibals and Marauders


When a Marauder connects a red beam to a Cannibal, he's bolting armour plates onto it. The armour plates don't just add HP, they totally block shots to those areas until they're knocked off. If you're accurate, you can still shoot the unarmoured parts for full damage.

Cannibals eat their fallen comrades' corpses, which is useful to draw them out and distract them. If they do this when they're on full health, eating actually puts armour plates on them. So in situations where there are Marauders and Cannibals fighting together, it makes tactical sense to sever their connection by destroying all of one or the other first.

10. How to shoot through cover


Armour piercing is one of the game's best weapon mods. With this equipped, not only can you shoot through enemies' armour, but through scenery too. If an enemy is crouching behind light cover, like a fence or planter, your bullets will go straight through and damage them. Having this mod equipped also makes short work of enemies with riot shields and bosses.

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